Voices from the Workplace:

The Gap Between Minority Experiences and White Perceptions of Racism at Work

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Exploring the Disconnect: Survey Results

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, CEOs have heard from employees that their lived experiences with racism in the workplace radically diverge from the company’s stated values. MLT sought to understand the lived experiences of people of color at work and the types and degrees of racism they have encountered. This white paper includes:

  • Survey results from 8,000 MLT Alumni—all Black, Latinx, or Native American—who are working at hundreds of top companies across the nation

  • A comparison of their lived experiences with racism with research on the perceptions of white workers

  • Actionable steps organizations can take to move toward eliminating racism in the workplace

95% of MLT Alumni say they experienced racism in their current industry. 

Yet, only 64% of white people report ever witnessing workplace racism.

36% of white people say they have never witnessed racism in the workplace.

The Gap

“I have walked into customer meetings as the only Black person, and the team assumed I was the waitstaff, not the technical expert who was flown in.”

- Anonymous Survey Respondent


“Even if I made a connection with someone, a white counterpart always seemed to make a stronger, more natural connection that outshone mine. It was like I was always two steps behind, even though I was just as or even more capable than them. Eventually, I just got tired of trying to catch up.”

- Anonymous Survey Respondent