What You Need to Know: Computer Science and Software Engineering 

There's never been a better time to become a software engineer. Not only do these roles pay well, but the career path is highly mobile and the work often focuses on problem solving and innovation. Learn how MLT can help you break into this exciting industry. Some key facts for consideration: 

  • Common College Majors: Computer science, software engineering, and computer engineering
  • Key Industry Skills: Programming languages, agile software development, teamwork, and leadership
  • MLT in Tech: We partner closely with top employers to connect Fellows with internships, entry roles as software engineers, and a variety of business roles. There are 1,700+ MLT alumni working in tech—many as software engineers, product managers, or IT engineers.

How MLT Can Launch Your Career

Within Career Prep, MLT provides dedicated programming for Fellows interested in the Tech industry, including:

CP Tech Trek v2

  • Access to recruiters from 50+ top tech companies, like Google, Lyft, and Electronic Arts
  • Tech Trek, an all-expense-paid boot camp for software engineering majors
  • Software engineering skill development, including technical interview coaching 
  • Clarity around career paths and key success factors for software engineers

Note: To be considered for this dedicated programming, candidates must be software engineering or computer science majors. Computer engineers and electrical engineers will be considered if they have taken programming courses. 


A Few Of Our Partners

SWE Partners


MLT + CodePath.org

MLT has partnered with CodePath.org to provide Software Engineers with supplemental courses in iOS Development, Android Development, and Cyber Security. CodePath is also helping MLT Career Prep Fellows secure internships between their sophomore and junior year of college.


To be considered for industry bootcamps, applications MUST be submitted by:

November 15, 2021


The FINAL date to submit your Career Prep applications is:

February 15, 2022


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"MLT has had a major impact on my personal and career outlook. My communication and networking skills have grown tremendously, which is very meaningful for STEM students, especially Computer Science majors."
Brandon Long

Brandon Long Software Engineer II, Appian Corporation

“MLT gave me a platform to learn about different industries, develop business skills, and take part in leadership training, all while exposing me to a variety of career paths that integrate business and science.”

Klarizsa (Padilla) Khandaker Field Sales and Applications Engineer, Intel Corporation

“MLT has undeniably transformed the way I approached the software engineering internship and new grad interviewing process. I was able to pierce through the process with the help of mock coding and behavioral interviews with peers, personal interactions with recruiters and engineers, and monthly assignments that put my self-worth as an underrepresented engineer into perspective.”

Jide Omekam Computer Science Teaching Assistant, Brown University

“I literally don’t know where I’d be without MLT. My coach and other fellows are such a great support network. MLT helped me fight impostor syndrome and see that I’m intelligent, capable, and able to land a technical role at a big tech company.”




Najika Yoo Experience Developer, Adobe