What You Need to Know: Financial Services Careers

The financial services industry is dynamic and fast-paced with high-growth potential. Internal finance functions are integral to every business, enabling young professionals to make a meaningful impact on their organization. Some key facts for consideration: 

  • Common College Majors: business, finance, accounting, economics, and more
  • Industry Specializations: Sales & Trading, Investment Banking,  Equity Research, Asset Management, Private Equity and Alternative Finance
  • Common Entry-Level Roles: Investment Analyst, Sales & Trading Analyst, Risk Management Analyst, Corporate Banking Analyst, Internal Sales Account Analyst
  • Key Industry Skills: quantitative and analytical skills, strong interpersonal communication, a deep understanding the current industry landscape

How MLT Can Launch Your Career 

Within Career Prep, MLT provides dedicated programming for Fellows interested in financial services, including:


  • Career Clarity exercises to determine which  companies and functions would be a good fit for your career path.
  • Training for quantitative business case studies often used in financial services interviews.
  • Access to recruiters from the top financial services employers across the country.


A Few Of Our Partners

Finance Partners

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"MLT has continued to help me build the unshakable professional foundation that I have been striving for, supporting my career on Wall Street and in the world of high finance. As I continue to rise through the ranks, build my credentials and solidify my foundation, financial positioning will continue to no longer be a concern for myself or my loved ones."

Derek Oliver Investment Banking Associate, Goldman Sachs & Co.

"Career Prep has allowed me to better understand myself and discover a multitude of knowledge around me from my peers and MLT partners. MLT has given me the opportunity to grow and...I really enjoy having such a personalized experience with my peers and coaches. Thank you, MLT!"


Lissa Alvarez Sales and Trading Full-Time Analyst, Citi