What You Need to Know: Financial Services Careers

The financial services industry is dynamic and fast-paced with high-growth potential. Internal finance functions are integral to every business, enabling young professionals to make a meaningful impact on their organization. Some key facts for consideration: 

  • Common College Majors: business, finance, accounting, economics, and more
  • Industry Specializations: investment banking, private equity, venture capital, financial planning, alternative investments, consumer financial services
  • Common Entry-Level Roles: Investment Analyst, Sales & Trading Analyst, Risk Management Analyst, Corporate Banking Analyst, Internal Sales Account Analyst
  • Key Industry Skills: quantitative and analytical skills, strong interpersonal communication, a deep understanding the current industry landscape

How MLT Can Launch Your Career 

Within Career Prep, MLT provides dedicated programming for Fellows interested in financial services, including:


  • Career Clarity exercises to determine which  companies and functions would be a good fit for your career path.
  • Training for quantitative business case studies often used in financial services interviews.
  • Access to recruiters from the top financial services employers across the country.

NOTE: If you are interested in financial services, let us know in the “Career Interests” section of your application. You may be selected to participate in the "Finance Industry Trek" or other dedicated programming. If you are not sure yet, you will have many opportunities to explore finance throughout the general Career Prep program.


A Few Of Our Partners

Finance Partners


To be considered for industry bootcamps, applications MUST be submitted by:

November 15, 2021


The FINAL date to submit your Career Prep applications is:

February 15, 2022


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"MLT has continued to help me build the unshakable professional foundation that I have been striving for, supporting my career on Wall Street and in the world of high finance. As I continue to rise through the ranks, build my credentials and solidify my foundation, financial positioning will continue to no longer be a concern for myself or my loved ones."

Derek Oliver Investment Banking Associate, Goldman Sachs & Co.

"Career Prep has allowed me to better understand myself and discover a multitude of knowledge around me from my peers and MLT partners. MLT has given me the opportunity to grow and...I really enjoy having such a personalized experience with my peers and coaches. Thank you, MLT!"


Lissa Alvarez Sales and Trading Full-Time Analyst, Citi